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Bryan's House Unveils Two New Therapy Rooms for Children with Special Needs

Bryans house

February 2018: Bryan's House celebrated the opening of two new therapy rooms on Friday, February 23rd at 10 a.m. The first of its kind in Texas, these rooms are part of Merlin's Magic Spaces, an initiative designed to ensure that local children, who are unable to visit the attractions due to serious illness, still have the opportunity to experience the unique magic of Merlin....

Make a Clean Fall into School Days in North Texas with Dalworth 3D Cleaning

Smell the Clean

August 2017: Time for an Extreme Clean & Reduce Household Dust, Allergens and Germs: With Extreme Clean we can clean wall to wall AND floor to ceiling. Using specialized equipment, knowledge from our many years in the fire and water damage restoration business, along with some novel cleaning techniques, we’ve created a unique service that is very effective!

Stormy Springs Call Dalworth Clean in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas


March 2017: While the earth is being nourished and flowers are coming into bloom, allergies and muddy carpets are trailing in right behind them. According to the forecast, it’s going to be a very wet spring. Last year’s storms created flooding around the Dallas/Fort Worth area as river banks and lakes overflowed, causing extensive repair and cleaning costs to homes and office buildings. Let Dalworth Clean provide you with professional cleaning services and bring your floors and upholstered furnishings back to looking new in your North Texas home!

Dalworth Wins Family Business of the Year from Baylor University Institute

Family Business

November 2016: Dalworth Clean wins the Family Business of the Year Award from Baylor University Institute. Customer Service, Commitment and Vision Drive Dalworth's Success in Professional Carpet Cleaning in North Texas...

Hot Summers and Clean Air Ducts in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dog Days

August 2016: Dalworth Clean provides air duct cleaning and repair services to reduce and remove airborne pollutants and improve your indoor air quality so you can breathe easy and stay cool. Our technicians are fully trained, licensed and certified, insured and have the experience, skills and tools to clean, repair, seal, insulate and maintain your air duct and HVAC systems...

Allergens, Humidity & Mold in the Home Dallas/Fort Worth

Muddy Carpet

July 2016: The hot summer months provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Between the mounds of laundry filtrating humidity from the utility room and the multiple hot showers sweltering throughout the bathrooms, moisture has the ability to radiate through the home. If a humidifier is not available, turn on ceiling fans and exhaust fans throughout the home to help dehumidify the air of airborne spores... 

Muddy Carpets Clean from Dalworth Clean in North Texas

Muddy Carpet

June 2016: After the weeks of continuous rain showers and muddy prints on your carpeted flooring and upholstery, the sun is finally peeping through! Now it's time to clean the muddy residues out of your home or office and Dalworth Clean is here to help in your North Texas Area!... 

Your Health from Hospital to Home by Dalworth Extreme Clean

Extreme Clean Health

May 2016: Extreme Cleanâ„¢ by Dalworth Clean is for those seeking the highest level of hygiene throughout their home. A new baby, a family member returning from a hospital stay, an asthma or allergy sufferer are just a few examples of who might benefit from Dalworth Exteme Clean.... 

Carpet Buying Tips in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

New Carpet Buying

April 2016: Between pets and children tracking across your carpet or employees and clients in and out of meetings, it's time to consider replacing your carpet. Dalworth Clean is here to help you prepare and select the best choices for long lasting carpeting throughout your home or business.... 

Air Duct Cleaning Improves Home Indoor Air Quality

Air Duct Header

March 2016: Homeowners in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area wonder how dust manages to get inside their home despite regular cleaning. A possible reason can be dirty air ducts and vents. Dalworth knows proper cleaning and maintenance of ducts and vents and advantages of improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality.... 

Tips for Setting Housecleaning Goals for 2016

Happy New Year 2016

February 2016: Hopes of a fresh start, clean slate and good will to come are patiently waiting. Dalworth has several ideas to help slide into the new year with optimism and excitement, starting with a fresh clean home!... 

Holiday Cleaning Tips for Dallas/Forth Worth Texas

Christmas Banner

January 2016: It seems everyone is thinking of new and creative ways to show their loved ones how much they care this holiday season. Do something for your family that will not only bring them joy, but also help them live a healthier life. Contact Dalworth Clean today for clean floors, clean upholstery, clean air ducts and more!... 

Tile & Grout Basics

October 2015: In this article, Dalworth Clean will share some tips you can follow in order to keep your tile and grout spotless. By responsibly attending to the upkeep of your tile flooring, you can be sure it’s always going to look dirt-free and pristine for many years to come.... 

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