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Muddy Carpets Clean from Dalworth Clean in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Muddy Carpet

Clean the Mud and Rainy Season from Your Flooring & Upholstery in the DFW Area

After the weeks of continuous rain showers and muddy prints on your carpeted flooring and upholstery, the sun is finally peeping through! Now it's time to clean the muddy residues out of your home or office and Dalworth Clean is here to help in your North Texas Area

Carpet Maintenance

Once carpet has been soiled with muddy footprints, instead of cleaning right away, give the mud time to dry. If you attempt to clean the mud before it dries, you chance causing the stain to spread, creating a larger and more noticeable stain. For a quicker drying time, place a fan directly above the stained area. Once the area is dry, use a vacuum cleaner hose to slowly pull up as much of the dried mud as possible. Small bits of debris may stick to the carpet fibers. If this occurs, use a small and sturdy object to scrape the carpet to loosen the the dirt, then use the vacuum hose to pull up the remaining bits of dirt.

Pet's muddy prints are a little more difficult than average stains due to sweat in a pet's paws. This may cause some odor so the stained area may need to be cleaned a little more thoroughly. Instructions below will help with various types of mud stains and odors.

DirectionsMuddy Prints

  1. Brush or scrape off as much as possible.
  2. Apply detergent solution, blot.
  3. Apply ammonia solution, blot.
  4. Apply vinegar solution, blot.
  5. Apply pressure to the spot with a spatula or the back of a tablespoon to work spotting solution deep into spot. DO NOT SCRUB as this may cause nap distortion of the fiber.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with water, blot until dry.
  7. If stain remains, apply a "paint oil and grease" remover and dry cleaning solvent alternately, blot until dry.

(Dry cleaning solvent contains organic compound. Use carefully in strict accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Use in well ventilated space and avoid products containing Perchlorethylene.)

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